I want to devote my first mailing to Digimart, the remarkable global summit that brought together digital distribution leaders from around the world. They came from China, South Africa, Australia, Peru, Brazil, as well as across Europe and North America, to share the lessons learned on the cutting edge of film and video distribution.


The videos from Digimart are a treasure trove of visions, ideas, and new models. All of the presentations and panels from the first and second summits are available for
viewing online.

Presentations include Mark Cuban’s
keynote, Cory Doctorow’s analysis of the future of copyright, Pete Buckingham’s report on changing distribution, Mark Pesce’s exploration of hypercasting, and many other talks and panels. I also had the opportunity to give presentations on maximizing distribution and maximizing audience.

As Program Co-Directors, Liz Rosenthal (my colleague from Next Wave Films) and I worked closely with Digimart's tireless Executive Director Sheila de la Varende. We teamed up to bring together many of the world’s foremost digital distribution pioneers in 2005 and again in 2006.

I was sad to learn that Digimart won't be happening in 2007. While this unique event may never be repeated, I’m glad it lives on in cyberspace. You can attend virtually, no fees or registration required. With the click of your mouse you can join these pioneers at Digimart and sit in on
their inspiring presentations.

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